Nasdaq Waiting for ‘Go-Ahead’ From CFTC

Christinat told the Daily Express that the planet’s second-largest stock market by market capitalization hopes to launch bitcoin futures trading in the first six months of the coming year.

“Bitcoin Futures will be listed and it should launch in the first half of next year,” Christinat said, adding that Nasdaq is now”awaiting the go-ahead” in the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). “There has been enough work put into this to make that academic. We’ve seen plenty of rumors and speculation about what we could be doing… so, here you go — we’re doing this, and it is happening.”

Exchange Unfazed by Cryptocurrency Bear Market

Christinat claimed that Nasdaq remains committed to ensuring the launching of bitcoin futures, emphasizing the company’s long-term perspective on the industry.

“We got to the blockchain game five decades back,” Christinat stated and bitcoin casino no registration. “When the technology first popped up we simply leant from the window and shouted’hey come over here’ right at it.”

Christinat said toward launch bitcoin futures Nasdaq has devoted a substantial amount of resourcesBetChain casino “We’ve put a hell of a lot of money and energy into delivering the capability to do this and we have been all over it for a very long time — way before the market went into madness, and that won’t influence the timing of the in any way. No. Period. We’re doing so no matter what.”

Do you think we will see the launch of Nasdaq’s bitcoin stocks before the second half of 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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